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soundscape synth for iPad/iPhone

A canvas for melodies

DroneLab creates slowly shifting and changing electronic background drones for melodic improvisation.

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Ever-shifting soundscapes

Control three continuous audio sources running in parallel, each with its own rate of shifting intensity. Screenshot of Intensity slider and Rate control.

Then, expand the soundscape with unusual sound effects crafted specifically for DroneLab. Screenshot of Sound Effect settings.

Tune up, tune in

Select any root note, and one or two additional tones. Use standard tuning, or fine-tune to conform to an untempered or non-Western tuning system. Screenshot of Chord notes and tuning. Screenshot of global tuning.

Random variation

Some sound sources allow for unpredictable fluctuation, with control over the rate of change. Screenshot of random and sine waves.

Multiple sound effects

You can select more than one sound effect at a time, and they will be triggered randomly. Screenshot of audio export settings.

Full screen mode

Switch to full screen, and enjoy the visuals. The waves move at slightly different speeds, creating a 3D parallax effect. And when sound effects are triggered, an animated waveform of the sound appears. Screenshot of audio export settings.

Export audio for your musical productions

Create an audio file with your current settings, at sample rates up to 96KHz. On newer devices, exports occur faster than real time. Screenshot of audio export settings.

Record your session to an audio file

Use the live recording feature to capture all the changes you make to the settings as the music plays. Screenshot of audio record button.

Presets to get you started

Get going quickly by selecting one of the included presets. Change the key to best suit your instrument or voice. Tap 'play' and start improvising. Later, go further by selecting and customizing the sound sources, and save your own presets. Screenshot of Preset selector.

Improvise, enjoy, improve
  • Explore the melodic side of your instrument in a relaxing, easy setting.
  • Warm up before practicing more difficult material.
  • Explore sounds, colors and articulations that aren't part of your usual repertoire.
  • Play in a key you're not as familiar with, to challenge and expand your musical abilities.

Compatible with any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS or iPadOS 15 or later. All functionality is included when you buy the app - there are no in-app purchases or subscriptions.

DroneLab is a native iOS/iPadOS app written in Swift. It generates audio using the open source AudioKit framework.

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performance demonstration - 2:51

quick walkthrough - 0:30

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